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Upcoming this Fall ... A Peeder J, Bowsze exclusive interview with Hamiwood HIEM (The "H" is Silent)  ...

The Peeder BowzeTM Show Starring Peeder J, Bowze! is a HamiwoodTM Production, produced by Peter E. Evanetz, but STARRING THEE Talk Show Host
now taking over America's light night 24 hour Talk Show Industry ...
Peeder J, Bowze!

To that Big US Talk Show Host ... Just Give Up Now and Consider Your Show Toast ... en Espaniol ... El Toastido!

Are you a member of the Peeder Bowze!TM fan club?
Get a lifetime membership card and receive all the benefits of membership as a lifetime fan club member!

Ladies ... Got Your Peeder J, Bowze! PJs, T-Shirt & Bedroom Wall Poster Yet?
Valentines Day is coming!

|Say Goodbye Hollywood ... Say Goodbye Bollywood ... Say Hello Hamiwood - The new standard of international entertainment. NEW THIS SEASON ON HAMIFLIX .... THE PEEDER J, BOWZE SHOW *** To that big US talkshow host .... You Can Now Just Consider Your Talkshow Toast ... En Espaniol ... El Toastido! *** PLEASE DO NOT ADJUST YOUR SET *** THIS IS A TEST ... ONLY A TEST OF THE HAMIWOOD BROADCAST SYSTEM ... *** Take this moment to just sit back, relax and watch the penguins dance *** 


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